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New virtual realities are changing the way people travel, work, interact & organize their daily activities. It influences not only our relationships and quality of life, but living on our planet as well. Nested on top of the Swiss Alps, in the magnificent Crans-Montana, World VR Forum gathers worldwide VR/AR leaders and experts of the industry to discuss, showcase new innovations.

Make the most successful business at the World VR Forum. Meet the key people to forge strong partnerships, discover the best content and bring new projects to life.

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World VR Forum (WVRF) is a Swiss non-profit organisation. It is the breeding ground for innovation and immersive technology development, bringing together worldwide XR leaders and experts to foster strong partnerships, bring new projects to life, achieve defragmentation and impact the industry.

WVRF, attracts decision makers, scientists, engineers and creators who form a strong transdisciplinary community: stakeholders, investors, distributors futurists, philosophers, content creators, animators, graphic designers and video game developers.

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The WVRF Membership Program gives you a great deal of benefits and an active role in shaping the future of the global XR industry.


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While we handpick most of our guests and the work we display, we are an open platform and hope to welcome every day new talents.

Welcoming AVARS

Aviation Virtual and Augmented Reality Summit

The Aviation Virtual and Augmented Reality Summit from IATA (International Air Transport Association ) will be colocated with the summit this year.
From B2B applications with training and simulation up to the consumers with in-lounge, in-flight entertainment.
A fantastic chance to penetrate one of the most dynamic and innovative branch of the industry


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